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Start reclaiming your energy, your ease, and your flow in the face of everyday stress.


Are you a driven professional who thrives on achieving your goals, but find yourself battling the relentless pressures of a fast-paced lifestyle? The Resilience Recharge Package is your gateway to reclaiming control over stress and revitalising your energy.

This comprehensive 5-session package is personalised for busy people like yourself, who are committed to sustaining their pursuits, passions, relationships, their health, and their lives in a way that doesn’t run them into the ground – in a way that doesn’t always lead to burning out in spectacular fashion, time and time again.

What's included

Five sessions tailor-made to help you manage stress effectively so you can stop feeling flat and burning out, so that you can be RESILIENT in the face of life's uncertainties. Each session is personalised to your unique situation, where we will delve into relevant techniques, tools, therapeutics, and strategies to build your resilience.

Session 1: Initial consultation (90 mins)

Here we get clear on your goals, as well as taking a deep dive into your case history, presenting symptoms, and any other data from relevant examinations and investigations to form the "big picture" about what's going on for you.

Session 2: Report of Findings & Health Plan (60 mins)

After your initial session I'll share my findings about what I think is going on, and our best way forward to get you to where you'd like to be. I'll formulate a personalised health plan with you, and we will tweak this together until it feels good for you.

Sessions 3 - 5: Resilience Recharge Checkpoints (45 mins each)

These sessions are a chance to check in with how you are going, and to tweak the plan where necessary so we can make sure it's manageable and working. In Session 5 we will reassess to see what the next best steps are, so that you can feel equipped to move forward with your goals.

Who is this for?

Resilience Recharge is for you if:

  • Stress has become your normal

  • All you know is “the rush”

  • You don’t know who you are without the “busy-ness” of everyday life

  • You know your body is not responding well to chronic, persistent stress, and you want to do something about it

  • You want some strategies to help manage stress 

  • You benefit from having extra accountability to ensure you show up for yourself, so that you can show up for your family, your friends, your work, and your passions

What would it look like?

A deep-dive into all the things that could possibly be impacting how you’re feeling.

That means all the things impacting your body and mind’s ability to deal with STRESS.


Perhaps you have particular nutritional deficiencies which mean your body doesn’t have the resources, or the building blocks to make the neurotransmitters you need to feel calm, to feel regulated, or to have amazing quality sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and READY to take on the day – to feel EXCITED about the day ahead.

Perhaps there are hormonal imbalances going on within your body which are contributing to big mood slumps, or maybe your blood sugar levels are all over the place, so no wonder you feel “hangry” or feel like you need a sugar hit to get you through the afternoon.

Maybe that cold or irritating cough you can't shake is indicating you are experiencing persistent episodes of burnout...

You are a COMPLEX being, so we explore all the things that could possibly be affecting you, pinpointing the ones which are really impacting your health, and then addressing them directly.

Why a package?

I have found that by investing in multiple sessions rather than booking in session-by-session, people notice:

  • Implementing new behaviours, strategies and tools is much easier because they have literally invested in themselves, so they are more likely to hold themselves accountable for making the changes

  • They feel they are better supported, as there is a pre-planned structure of how they will move through each stage 

  • Having regular guidance from me as the practitioner acts as an additional source of encouragement and accountability, which further enhances their progress

  • A sense of enthusiasm and drive to make changes, as we work collaboratively to co-create a plan personalised to their exact needs in the present moment

What tends to happen if people book their check-ins or return consultations sporadically or whenever they feel like it is that they can get distracted, keep putting it off, then eventually they “fall off the bandwagon” rather than invest that time and energy into themselves and into working towards feeling more energised, and into feeling more fulfilled day-to-day…


Do you put things off, saying, “I’ll do it later”?


Not-so-fun fact: "Later" is not coming.  

It has never come around before, because when it does, it is NOW.


The only time to prioritise your health, your healing, your fulfilment, or literally anything and everything you want in your life is now.

What's the investment?

Usually the cost of 5 individual naturopathic consultations when booked separately total up to $640, but I'm offering them in the Resilience Recharge package for a total one-time payment of $550.

Questions? Want more info? Let's have a chat.

You can book a Free 15 Minute Call with me to run through any questions, concerns, or if you would simply like to connect with me before deciding on committing to work together.

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