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The Revitalising Health Podcast

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Cover art for the revitalising health podcast, where melbourne natruopath gabby pavlovic is holding a handful of soil and is smiling

About the show

Tune in for your fortnightly dose of conscious conversations about health from both a macro and a micro perspective, with naturopath Gabby Pavlovic. 


Gabby is all about empowering you to educate yourself about how you can live your healthiest, most aligned life by reconnecting with nature and with yourself. Every couple of weeks Gabby will share conversations with you to get you thinking about how you can improve and support your health. You will also learn how your health is connected to the wider environment around you, and how the state of that environment also affects your health.

Head-on photograph of Melbourne naturopath Gabby Pavlovic

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Latest episodes

The podcast will always be available for you to listen to for free, however creating and maintaining a podcast as a one-woman show is not easy! It takes enormous amounts of time and energy to organise guest speakers for recordings, fine-tune the audio before release, and promote it to the world.


If the podcast has provided value to you in some way, Gabby would be grateful for any support you may be able to provide to help her continue to share these life-changing conversations.

You can do this by becoming a regular supporter of the show, sharing episodes on your social media or with loved ones, rating and reviewing the podcast on your favourite podcast app,  purchasing any of the products or services Gabby personally recommends,  providing a donation through the "Buy Gabby a Cuppa" button below, or by sending Gabby a message to let her know what you've learned!

Thanks for listening, enjoy the show!

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