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In your first consultation I will take a thorough case history to gain an understanding of your health. I may ask questions about lifestyle and dietary behaviours, stress management, potential environmental exposures, your medical history, relevant family history, and general functioning of your body systems.


I may conduct routine physical examinations such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature checks, as well as naturopathic examinations such as iris, tongue, and nail analysis. Please note that I may not be able to conduct all necessary examinations via online consultations, and so I may refer you to your pharmacist or general practitioner for routine examinations if necessary. 


In this first consultation you and I will work collaboratively to set achievable health goals for you, and I will provide you with tools, strategies, and therapeutics such as nutritional and herbal medicines to help work towards a balanced state of health.

Want to have a chat first?

No worries at all! I offer a Free, No-obligation, 15 Minute Discovery Call for you to run through any questions, concerns, or would just simply like to connect with me before deciding on committing to work together.

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