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My Story


After I finished high school, I headed straight to Deakin University in Melbourne where I undertook a Bachelor of Biological Science, since I have always had a deep curiosity and respect for the natural world. I wasn't quite sure where this would lead me, but I knew I wanted to do something related to Nature. I decided to major in Evolutionary Biology, which was a very good fit, considering I had a very keen interest in how and why humans, plants, and life in general evolved on Earth.


After completing the biology undergraduate course I had decided I would undertake an honours year, but wanted to have a break and travel before I started. So after working hard in the hospitality and retail industries to save up to travel, before I knew it I had moved out of home and across to the other side of the planet all the way to Canada. I lived and worked for a brief time in the mountains of British Columbia where I learned to ski, spent time in many beautiful places and met a bunch of amazing people. Something was missing though.

One morning, after I'd taken my daily oral contraceptive pill (OCP), I opened the curtains to look out at the breathtaking Windemere Lake outside and thought to myself, how is it that I'm living in this beautiful town in the Canadian Mountains, overlooking a pristine landscape, apparently living the time of my life working, skiing, socialising, and traveling, and I feel... nothing.

This was my wakeup call (although I was not aware of this yet!). 

Eventually I moved back to Melbourne where I then started my honours research project looking at how birds use various behavioural mechanisms to regulate their body temperature, and how these behaviours changed in different environmental conditions. It was an absolutely fascinating area of research, but it was part way through this project when I realised my heart was not in it.


Ever since that profound sense of apathy I experienced in Canada and all throughout the bird research, in the back of my mind I wondered where my usual bubbly, funny, light-hearted self had gone. With an inquisitive, curious, and open mind, I began to do my own research into firstly, the systemic effects of the OCP, which allowed me to see just how influential this little pill was on my mood (and other things!). Since then I have also connected more dots between other life experiences and exposures that have contributed to my health status.

This opened a door to an opportunity to explore the concepts of dealing with the root causes of health issues, and the understanding that it was up to me (and nobody else) to learn how my body works and what it needs. I not only wanted to explore this further, but I felt called to find some way to share this insight with others so they could not only improve their health, but learn how to tune into their own bodies. This led me to Naturopathy, and so I eventually started a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) in 2016, which I subsequently completed in 2021.

Image by Marc Pell

My Values

The values I hold are many and varied, but here are some that help define my approach and the way I work.


Authenticity seems to have become a sort of buzzword lately, however it is one of my most important values. I believe stepping into one's truth and honouring thyself allows for the expansion required to grow, and to encourage others to realise their potential so they can share their uniqueness with the world too.


You and only you have the ability to heal yourself. It is also impossible to heal in a disempowered state. Empowering oneself by becoming informed and accessing the right resources and tools is the key to improving and maintaining good health. 

Empathy + Understanding

Every single person has different life experiences that contribute to their current circumstances. Diversity in all shapes and forms is beautiful, and so I strive to provide a space that is safe for you to be yourself and to share whatever you need to. I also acknowledge that we share collective struggles and triumphs by simply being human! You deserve to be heard, and I will listen.


Dedication + Enthusiasm

I aim to use the best available knowledge and skills in my repertoire to help you. I see great value in putting in the time and effort to investigate your concerns on an individual basis, with your best interests at heart and in mind when I am prioritising and formulating your treatment plan. 

Connection + Community

I recognise the intricate connections between each other and the world we live in, with a great respect for Nature, understanding that we are part of a complex web of ecosystems that influence one another. A sense of connection and community is what has allowed humans to thrive and adapt in an ever-changing world, so keeping connected to each other and our planet is crucial to optimal health on both an individual and planetary level.

Image by Marc Pell

My Mission

Revitalising Health is based on the values outlined above, which help inform the following objectives:

  1. To empower people, and encourage them to empower themselves to take charge of their own health. This pursuit of health will be reached through education and a combination of traditional and contemporary evidence-based treatment strategies.

  2. To employ and encourage principles of regeneration which promote sustainable growth and health, rather than contributing to degenerative and destructive processes at individual, community, and planetary levels.

  3. To assist in facilitating the progress and awareness of Naturopathic practice, education, and research in Australia.

My Vision

The Vision of Revitalising Health is to be an active participant in:

  1. Establishing health and connection among people and the places in which we live, by contributing to individual and collective empowerment. 

  2. Contributing to a world which shifts from degenerative, exploitive and extractive systems impacting human and environmental health to more regenerative approaches by starting at the level of the individual and working up. 

  3. Facilitating a system of Naturopathic healthcare which is recognised and used as a whole-systems approach to improving and maintaining health.

Misson & Vision
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