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Emotion Release Technique - with Karlie McKeand

Show notes

In Episode 47 Gabby speaks with Karlie McKeand, Naturopath & the founder of Emotion Release Technique (previously known as NER).

ERT provides an effective & fast acting tool to assess & address the core issues that people's presenting complaints stem from.

Karlie & Gabby discuss:

  • What is ERT?

  • How & why ERT came about

  • Why it's essential to address the core of our health issues, behaviours, & mindset by assessing the nervous system

  • The role unprocessed emotions play in our health, wellbeing, & mindset

  • The evolution of NER to ERT

  • What the ERT process looks like

  • How we can start to bring ease into our lives, rather than continue to over-strive & over-work ourselves




Keen to find an ERT practitioner after learning more about it?  You can book an ERT session with Gabby here.


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About the show

Tune in for your fortnightly dose of conscious conversations about health from both a macro and a micro perspective, with naturopath Gabby Pavlovic. 


Gabby is all about empowering you to educate yourself about how you can live your healthiest, most aligned life by reconnecting with nature and with yourself. Every couple of weeks Gabby will share conversations with you to get you thinking about how you can improve and support your health. You will also learn how your health is connected to the wider environment around you, and how the state of that environment also affects your health.

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