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Complexity Science & Holism: Converging Paradigms - with Kim Graham

Show notes

In Episode 44 Gabby speaks with Dr Kim Graham about her research into Complexity Science. 

Kim has a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney, Master of Psychotherapy from Cairnmillar Institute, a Bachelor of Science (Honours in Psychology) from Monash University, & a Bachelor of Health Science from Charles Sturt Uni. She has worked in a variety of roles, including as a Psychologist, a Family Therapist, a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor, Disability Support Case Worker, Foster Carer Trainer, Senior Lecturer, & in private practice as a psychotherapist & naturopath. 

Some key points from the conversation include:

  • What complexity science is

  • The difference between a mechanistic or reductionist way of looking at things compared to seeing things through a holistic lens

  • How complexity & holism are similar as well as what distinguishes them

  • How change in one area of a system can affect things across the entire system (using the human body & changes to health as an example)

  • How humans are connected systems as individuals, but so are communities (human or otherwise)

  • As a species we have a primal yearning for connection



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About the show

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