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3-in-1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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3-in-1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Many people who have issues with getting to sleep, staying asleep, headaches, migraines, and eye strain from staring at screens all day often share something in common... 

Their circadian rhythms (body clocks) are out way of whack! 

Our eyes (and skin) have evolved to respond to light and dark cycles. In the morning when the sun starts to rise, the sunlight provides a signal to the body that it's time to wake up, and at dusk when the sun starts to set, the dim light is what induces our sleepy chemical (melatonin) to be produced so we can ease into a good night's sleep. BUT... 

In modern life, we are exposed to artificial light from phones, televisions, computers, overhead lights, and so on which confuses our sensory receptors, especially when our eyes are exposed to these lights at night! 

This can really disrupt not only our sleep/wake cycle, but the alteration to our circadian rhythm can impact our blood sugar regulation (sugar cravings, weight gain, insulin resistance), destabilise our mood, and impact other body systems negatively. Not to mention, the artificial light given off by screens throughout the day can really put some strain on our eyes, often contributing to headaches or even migraines. 

Years ago when I realised the harmful effects of blue / artificial light (especially in the evening when it's meant to be dark), I started using blue-light blocking glasses with an orange tint in the evening. They were immensely helpful in getting my body to "retrain" its circadian rhythm, to the point where I didn't even need to use an alarm clock to wake up at the same time every day - I just did it myself! 

I also had a separate yellow tinted pair for during the day, which were particularly helpful for reducing eye strain and headaches from spending a lot of time at the computer all day. What was annoying though, was having multiple pairs of blue blockers... 

So when I found out there was an awesome Melbourne-based business making a 3-in-1 pair of blue blockers, I was so set on trying them! 

Nowadays I use my Barkley interchangeable blue blockers throughout the day: 

  • Yellow tint = working at the computer during the day to prevent eye strain 

  • Orange tint = around sunset when I want to let my body know the evening is approaching 

  • Red tint = 1-2 hours before I plan to hit the hay, so I can have a solid night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed 

I'm proud to recommend these blue blockers out of all the ones I've tried because: 

  • It's super convenient to have a single pair with 3 clip-ons for all times of day 

  • They're effective at what they're designed to do 

  • They come with stylish frames 

  • The company uses sustainable and ethical principles in their processes 

Get yourself a pair of Barkley Blue-blocking Glasses today for 10% off with code REVHEALTH10.

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