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Manage Everyday Stress
With These 3 Simple Strategies

We live in a modern world FULL of stressors.

Whether it's the stress of waking up early and staying up late to get work or study done, the pressure of social and relationship commitments, the high expectations we place on ourselves, or countless other things, stress is a part of our lives.

But the thing is, although things will always be there to cause stress, we can actually learn to improve our tolerance to stress, or to build up our resilience to stress.

I have found that through personal and clinical experience, the things we choose to do on a daily basis are the biggest change-makers when it comes to building up stress tolerance.

These are things you can do everyday which gradually help your nervous system respond to stressful stimuli in a more sustainable way - essentially, to the point where the things that once stressed you out the most, actually don't stress you out nearly as much as they used to.

Everyone deserves to know the basic steps they can take to manage stress, so I've selected my 3 favourite strategies to combat daily stress, which you can access through this page.


I hope you enjoy practicing them as much as I do! 

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