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Getting to know your unique BODY with Larissa Watt

Show notes

This is the first of a 3-part series on MIND / BODY / SPIRIT, with this episode talking all things BODY with Larissa Watt. 

Larissa is a naturopath, strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and a level 2 biosignature practitioner who has an undeniable passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Larissa combines her extensive knowledge base help people to train in smarter ways, to avoid burnout and be stronger both mentally and physically. 

 Gabby and Larissa discuss many aspects of the body, some of which include:

  • Being 'fit' and being 'well' are not necessarily (and are often not) the same thing

  • Why listening to what your body is trying to say can save you from injury & illness

  • The importance of recognising your unique body type to optimise your physical capabilities 


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Transcript coming soon.

About the show

Tune in for your fortnightly dose of conscious conversations about health from both a macro and a micro perspective, with naturopath Gabby Pavlovic. 


Gabby is all about empowering you to educate yourself about how you can live your healthiest, most aligned life by reconnecting with nature and with yourself. Every couple of weeks Gabby will share conversations with you to get you thinking about how you can improve and support your health. You will also learn how your health is connected to the wider environment around you, and how the state of that environment also affects your health.

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