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Supporting Our Health by Connecting to Our Food - with Cyndi O'Meara

Show notes

In Episode 26 Gabby speaks with Cyndi O'Meara.

Cyndi is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker & founder of Changing Habits, a whole food company that believes everything begins & ends with food & that health food should actually be just that - healthy. Cyndi educates people so they are empowered to know better, eat better & live better - because educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion & everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating.

Some things Gabby & Cyndi talk about:

  • How disconnected many people are from their food & where it comes from

  • Disconnection from our food means we often aren’t aware of the processing that goes on to get these foods 

  • How modern-day processed foods are wreaking havoc on our bodies

  • Understanding the need to explore more ancestral ways of eating, so that our bodies can thrive

  • Glyphosate and its impacts on the health of ALL living things

  • It can be overwhelming to start your journey in moving from processed foods to whole foods, but the key is to just change one thing at a time

  • In an age of disempowerment, we see hope for the future – we are responsible for creating the healthy world we all want to live in


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About the show

Tune in for your fortnightly dose of conscious conversations about health from both a macro and a micro perspective, with naturopath Gabby Pavlovic. 


Gabby is all about empowering you to educate yourself about how you can live your healthiest, most aligned life by reconnecting with nature and with yourself. Every couple of weeks Gabby will share conversations with you to get you thinking about how you can improve and support your health. You will also learn how your health is connected to the wider environment around you, and how the state of that environment also affects your health.

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