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Getting to know your Inner Child with Gemma Hanley

Show notes

In Episode 20  Gabby speaks with Gemma Hanley.

Gemma is an Anxiety & Mindset coach who helps ambitious, driven, and high achieving women to overcome overwhelm.  She leads women to understand the subconscious patterns beneath behaviours of perfectionism, people pleasing, burn out and resistance.  Drawing from her own experiences of holistically healing anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue, Gemma teaches women to connect inwards and understand the loving messages behind emotional pain. 

Some things Gabby & Gemma talk about:

  • What actually is your "inner child"?

  • What does “inner child work” actually entail, & how does this work impact us?

  • How our inner child can teach us about how we currently behave and see the world

  • When DOING rather than BEING distracts us from listening to ourselves – we ignore our own needs

  • The inner child as a reflection of the subconscious

  • Reframing the term "self-sabotage"

  • Gemma's 4-step process for working with your inner child 


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About the show

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