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Learning to be Conscious Consumers with Will Overman

Show notes

In Episode 19  Gabby speaks with Will Overman.

Will is the director & cofounder of Green My Plate. GMP provides a sustainable service to events aimed at eliminating single use food packaging. By providing plates, bowls & wash stations Green My Plate creates a circular system that can be implemented at any size event. Will is an event industry veteran with over 10 years in roles at the biggest events in the world including Glastonbury Festival, the 2012 London Olympics & Falls Festival. Will is passionate about events & ensuring that sustainability is at the forefront of events now & into the future.

Some things Gabby & Will talk about:


  • Thinking about what you're leaving behind when you attend events - your waste is your responsibility 

  • Why bioplastics can actually be worse for the environment than standard plastics

  • Not all recyclables get recycled - the better option is to reuse

  • Sourcing food & other items from places like bulk food stores with your own containers not only reduces waste, but can also be better for your health as these products often have less preservatives & other nasties in them

  • There are plenty of plastic-free groups & initiatives online & potentially in your local area, you just need to search for them!

  • Learning to reduce your waste is a gradual process, so start small & start to build better habits over time 


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About the show

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