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Medicinal Gardening with Jaynaya Atkins

Show notes

In Episode 18  Gabby speaks with Jaynaya Atkins.

Jaynaya is a certified herbalist, medicine maker, distiller & regenerative farmer. She has a special interest in ethnobotany & the contribution of plants & fungi towards reconciliation with the Self, especially in cases of chronic illness, disturbances of the psyche, & the nature of addiction.

Some things Gabby & Jay talked about:


  • Soil - it's our duty to take care of it to ensure we have the food & medicine we need

  • Topsoil / humus & the symbiotic relationships in the soil where all life begins

  • How to cultivate healthy soil for a thriving garden

  • Composting - the different types, why it's important, & some tips from Jay

  • Plant communication - being conscious & present

  • Plant medicine - helping us to meet ourselves where we're at

  • Ritual gardening

  • Gardening as therapy, helping us to be mindful & connected


  • Connect with Jay on Instagram @dosebotanicals, & feel free to reach out to her if you'd like some resources on composting!

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