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Getting GROUNDED with Dr Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow

Show notes

In Episode 17  Gabby speaks with Dr Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow.

Erin is an author, spiritual courage guide, & earth advocate. She holds a PhD in Policy, Planning, & Development from the University of Southern California. She studied Political & Social Thought at the University of Virginia, & served as the Director of Housing Policy with the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness. Erin is also a certified yoga teacher, craniosacral therapist, & entrepreneur.

Some things Gabby & Erin talked about:

  • Soil health as part of the climate conversation – a blind spot for many people

  • Our connection to the soil & to mother nature is everything, from the health of ourselves to the health of the planet

  • The concept of 'Patriarchy', what is actually means, & what this externalised ego has to teach us about ourselves & the world we currently live in 

  • The Birth - Death cycle & how failure to acknowledge & respect this cycle in Western culture has contributed to fear of death, & this fear is what has been leveraged throughout history & in recent times to attempt to control people

  • The root chakra of the earth & how we are connected to the soil 

  • Plant medicine - plants are our greatest teachers

  • Traditional, ancestral knowledge is where we need to go to bring the world back into balance

  • The importance of facing our individual & collective shadow & taking radical responsibility for co-creating the reality that we want to see and experience

Erin has generously offered 30% OFF her self-paced online course with code GROUNDED. You can use this coupon code for BOTH the one time payment & payment plan options - Thank you so much, Erin!


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